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Hear from some of our happy clients 

Dear Glenn

I'd like to say thankyou for fixing my back sliding door. It has been working beautifully since you fixed it , and has never worked as well in nearly 20 years we,ve been in our house. For the first few days after you fixed it. each time I used the door I would slide it open an closed a few times just to marvel at the utter pleasure of how fingertip light it had become to do so!!

I've told everyone I know what a fantastic job you did, and also how rare it was to encounter the wonderful customer service you provided including the rarity of being informed in advance of the day and time you'd be coming... and then actually arriving when you said you would!! Simply outstanding in every way. Thankyou so much.

You mentioned that your business has grown in leaps and bounds since the first time we met... you certainly deserve the success because from my experience, it is definitely well earned and well deserved!!

Best Regards.

Seng Lim

Hi Glenn

Just wanted to say what an amazing job you did on my sliding door this morning, I've been struggling for months with the door and with the newly installed track and rollers the door literally slides by itself now. Oh and girls, don't waste your time letting your husband have a go at fixing it-call Glenn he's the expert, it's truly worth spending the money.

Liz Skinner

Hi Glenn

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful job you did on our sliding door!!For years I have struggled with it and now it is just like a brand new one.

From my first phone call to arriving at stated time, quote to fix job completion I am one very satisfied customer.

Thanks again for a job very well done!


Krisha Clements, Largs Bay

Bloody sterling job, door has not moved this well in 25 years. Awesome work. Happy to recommend your serices to everyone. Thanks so much.


Jim Thompson, Golden Grove 

Thankyou Mr Glenn the door works great much better than before.

Annie Sindow, Reynella East

Glenn did an amazing job on our problematic sliding door. From our first phone call I knew I was in the hands of a professional. He was friendly, understanding and above all, incredibly helpful. Glenn replaced our sliding door rollers, applied new tracking with a far superior finish and now our door glides as if it is on a cushion of air. I highly recommend Glenn and his products if you are having trouble with your sliding door and are looking for an affordable, trouble-free solution.

Tony Fioretti 

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the prompt service and keeping me updated with your arrival time. My extra wide, heavy door is now functioning properly. I will be recommending you to everyone I know.

Cathy, Seacliff

Just to say that I am very happy to recommend slider fix door services. Glenn, fixed our worn out patio door, with great workmanship and professional approach. The door is now like new. 

Mrs T Tindley

I called Glenn at SliderFIX to come and install the Miracle cover tracks. After an initial inspection Glenn suggested that we didn’t need to replace the track rather just a quick clean and service and replace the rollers with a more durable set. I couldn’t have been happier with the honesty and quality of service. It is nice to find that there are tradesmen with integrity out there. Thanks Glenn!

Paul, Pasadena

Thanks Glenn appreciated your efforts and expertise in getting our doors sliding again. It has been many years since they have worked so smoothly.

Brian Bowie : Active Business Systems

Hi Glenn 

Just wished to say thank you for the job you did on external double sliding doors of our family room in Kennaway St yesterday. They have really made an incredable difference and now slide with ease on the new tracks you installed.

Thanks again

Herman Mott, Tusmore

Hi Glenn thankyou for fixing my doors today and I have to tell you you are a true gentleman, if there were more like you in the woeld it would be a wonderfull place to live in.

Maria Cavallaro

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My sliding door has gradually gotten worse over time. To the point where my wife uses the laundry door to get to the back because the sliding door is too hard to move. We had the rollers replaced before and they had worn out very quickly. I have had several quotes to replace the door, and at over $2000 dollars was not an option. So I called Glenn at SliderFIX who came out fixed our door installing the Miracle cover track system for $295. It now slides better than we can remember it ever doing. Great job. We are very happy to recommend SliderFIX and their services to anyone who needs their services.

Rob, Mt Barker

We thought we were going to have to replace two of our three doors as they were both getting so hard to open. Glenn came over and in a matter of no time at all had both doors sliding freely again. We were so thrilled we had Glenn install the Miracle cover track on our third door. We could not be happier because we were thinking we would need to replace two of the doors and we knew that was going to cost thousands of dollars which we could not afford. 

The Preston Family, Panorama

Hello Mr Sliderfix

We just wanted to say thankyou for repairing our door for us it hs been a pain for a very long time. I thought I was going to have to call you back again as I slammed it so hard the first time I used it that I thought I had broken something it was so smooth and easy to slide I was so used to lifting and shoving.

I have given your details to my daughter as she has a door that is in need of repair as well.

Thankyou so much your a life saver.


Annie Bishop, Aberfoyle Park

Hi Glenn

Many thanks for emailing through my reciept and for the excellent job you did in fixing my door and overcoming the challenges it presented. I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends and relatives who may need their sliding doors fixed in the future.


Brian Maguire,  Netherby

To Glenn of Sliderfix

Thankyou so much for repairing the door at my mothers house in Hallet Cove. She is so pleased with how easy it moves and now feels a lot safer that she can use it easily. Mum said she will gladly recommended you to her friends.

Thankyou very much for your help.


Amaal Guptill

Thanks Glenn, the door has been driving my wife and I mad for a while. We kept putting it off thinking we needed a new door. I came accross Sliderfix on Gumtree and decided to get you out and have a look at our door. Thankfully you were able to fix it and our door is sliding better than when we moved in.


Brayden W, Parafield Gardens


Our rear sliding door has been getting worse over time, and was in bad need of some attention. I happened to see Glenn's car parked at my grandsons football game the other day and gave him a call. He had the door back on and sliding freely and in no time at all. Now we can use the door instead of having to go around the long way to get to the back yard. Thanks Glenn


Dick McGuire, Blackwood

Hi Glenn

Thanks for fixing the door at our rental property in Reynella the tenant said you have done a fantastic job. Appreciate your efficient and prompt service.


Timothy Benton

Hello Glenn Just a quick note to say thanks again for fixing our sliding doors they have been annoying us for a very long time and to have them slide so effortlessly is just amazing. Expect a call from my sister in Daw Park as I have given her your details after she saw what you did at my place.

Great work

Peter Waterman Kingston Park

To Sliderfix

Thankyou so much for repairing our sliding door. We have been struggling with it for so long while trying to save money to have it replaced, now we don't have to. We had just had several quotes because we were told it was not repairable. I am so glad my husband heard your add on 5aa now I dont have to spend over $3000 replacing it.

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

Leonie, Morphett Vale

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